Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Grafik Magazine are on Wikipedia!!

Some news, I've been doing an internship at Grafik Magazine and they asked me to make them a wikipage, take a look here at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafik_Magazine, surprisingly not that difficult to do once you spend a few hours wondering how to do simple f*cking web editting!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mail Art...work that avoids doing proper work

Three Lucky people about to receive some seriously shit music
in the post on cassette format (Who has a cassette player anymore)
but I have a few to shift so I might do a series of these...
providing they arrive safe and sound in the post. This was something
I just decided I'd do today, not sure if it was a complete waste of time
but I had fun doing them.
Shit Music, but all appropriate in some sense to the person

Two gifts I sent mum for Mothers Day, It took a lot of hard thinking,
but I decided to put the card in this really cool illustrated envelope I claimed
from the Grafik office when they were clearing up for their big move out.
Mothers Day Card 2010:
I'ts not that I'm a cheapskate, I just prefer making cards for people
who mean a lot to me and it makes recieving a card LATE in the
post all that more touching when its personal to you and the person.
It's meant to be a sheep in a field-admittedly terrible choice of colours

Friday, 12 March 2010

Olympics 2012 : Toilet Diving at Home

For this project we came up with a few ideas to play on how we could bring the Olympic games into our homes. I suggested we go back to my flat and stage an Olympic event (Toilet Bath diving and holding your breath) in my bathroom. I think they turned out perfectly and definately have an edge over the digital photos we took on my Nikon SLR, with abit more of a grainy, voyeuristic feel and the colour/lighting is all so homely. Were thinking our next move will be to create a series of posters and maybe put them together into a big book or olympic style brochure. Photos were shot using a Lomo FishEye lens with 200 35mm colour film by the lovely Adrian Curcher and Butch lesbian type Alice Dobie.

Summary: Not too serious, Funny to watch, Semi-Nudity involved and kinky speedos = British