Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mail that avoids doing proper work

Three Lucky people about to receive some seriously shit music
in the post on cassette format (Who has a cassette player anymore)
but I have a few to shift so I might do a series of these...
providing they arrive safe and sound in the post. This was something
I just decided I'd do today, not sure if it was a complete waste of time
but I had fun doing them.
Shit Music, but all appropriate in some sense to the person

Two gifts I sent mum for Mothers Day, It took a lot of hard thinking,
but I decided to put the card in this really cool illustrated envelope I claimed
from the Grafik office when they were clearing up for their big move out.
Mothers Day Card 2010:
I'ts not that I'm a cheapskate, I just prefer making cards for people
who mean a lot to me and it makes recieving a card LATE in the
post all that more touching when its personal to you and the person.
It's meant to be a sheep in a field-admittedly terrible choice of colours

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