Friday, 12 March 2010

Olympics 2012 : Toilet Diving at Home

For this project we came up with a few ideas to play on how we could bring the Olympic games into our homes. I suggested we go back to my flat and stage an Olympic event (Toilet Bath diving and holding your breath) in my bathroom. I think they turned out perfectly and definately have an edge over the digital photos we took on my Nikon SLR, with abit more of a grainy, voyeuristic feel and the colour/lighting is all so homely. Were thinking our next move will be to create a series of posters and maybe put them together into a big book or olympic style brochure. Photos were shot using a Lomo FishEye lens with 200 35mm colour film by the lovely Adrian Curcher and Butch lesbian type Alice Dobie.

Summary: Not too serious, Funny to watch, Semi-Nudity involved and kinky speedos = British

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